Diesel Powered Portable Compressor Range 185 - 1500 CFM / 100 to 400 psi g




12 Months

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Product Description

ELGi has a legacy of providing reliable compressed air solution for the construction, mining, water-well drilling and oil & gas industries for over four decades. Drilling is both technically demanding and commercially changing in these industries. For drilling small to large blast holes, the compressor should meet the critical requirements of high-speed, reliable performance and economy in drilling operations. ELGi compressors have proved to be a good choice to meet these demands, with faster drilling, it ensures higher productivity at lower drilling cost-per-foot. the compressors are available in diesel/electrical powered versions. They have broad usage in diverse applications that includes DTH drilling, oil & gas exploration, tunneling, pigging, sand blasting, quarrying, piling, laying of fiber cables, road and bridge construction.