Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressor 14.5-90 CFM / 10kg/cm2 , 5 to 30 HP





12 Months

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Product Description

ELGi’s Compressed Air System delivers clean, dry air with maximum reliability, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance to meet the increasing demands of today’s Oil-free air requirements of industries Elgi has adapted a dry crankcase that is totally devoid of oil. These new generation ELGi compressors significantly reduce operating costs and provide high quality Oil-free air that eliminates the usage of expensive downstream filters ELGi offers single stage Oil-free compressors to its customers who need small quantities of oil-free air to work with their sophisticated equipment like dental chairs, laboratory and process equipment to name a few. While for critical Medical air and industrial oil free air needs, we offer two stage oil free compressors. Select models are offered with desiccant driers for applications that demand low pressure dew points.