ELGi Airmate Air Accessories



* Air Dryers - 10 to 2000 CFM       

* Desiccant Dryer - 10 to 1050 CFM        

* Air Receivers - 250 to 5000 Ltr                  

* Line Filters - 18 to 3300 CFM


12 Months

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Product Description

Compressed air will also contain water, dirt, wear particals, bacteria and even degraded lubricating oil. All these impurities mix together to foam an abrasive sludge. This sludge is often acdic and accelerates wear and tear of tools, pneumatic machinary, block valves and orifices. This results in costly air leaks and high maintenance. It also corrodes pipes and can bring production process to a standstill. Only compressed air that is totally clean and dry will ensure reliable working of compressed air systems and maximum savings. The favoured methord of drying the compressed air is through refregeration dryers.