Sanford Personal Scale - SF 1525FPS

  • Rs 3,990.00
  • Save Rs 2,000

  • Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system
  • With 6mm tempered glass platform
  • 18mm super slim design
  • LCD display:74*38 mm
  • Method of Measurement: BIA (bio-electrical impedance analysis)
  • Body fat, water, muscle division:0.1%; bone mass:0.1kg;
  • BMR (Basal metabolic rate) Visceral Fat Rating Memory: 10 persons
  • Low power/Over load indication, Auto on/Auto off
  • Product size: 300x300x18mm, Capacity: 180KG/400LB
  • Division: 0.1kg/0.2lb, Power: Lithium cell battery included
  • Six months trusted Browns warranty

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